Shingles and the Importance of Seeing a Dermatologist

December 28, 2020

Every year, more than one million American adults (mainly those age 50 and older) and children have a bout with shingles. Shingles crops up in adults when the chickenpox virus from their childhoods resurrects itself. Many of those adults are surprised by their diagnosis because they say they never had chickenpox. But keep in mind that chickenpox’s symptoms can be very slight and that some adults had it but were too young to remember. 

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Shingles produce a painful and blistering rash on your skin. One to two days before the inflammation emerges, the area where the rash is festering will be painful, burn or tingle. Though the accompanying blisters can show up anywhere on your skin, it usually erupts on one side of your body and often on your torso. When the inflammation starts to diminish—usually within two to four weeks—the blisters may bleed out and form a scab. 

Treatment for shingles is important. Taking an anti-viral medication within three days of the rash’s appearance can ease the pain it causes, decrease its life, and lower the chance of developing other problems such as hearing loss, pneumonia or chronic nerve pain. If shingles appears on your face, it’s imperative that you see your doctor immediately, as it can ruin your eyesight. 

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