Five Tactics To Quell the Itch of Psoriasis

May 26, 2021

Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune condition of the skin. It starts to flare when your immune system takes aim against your own body. Skin cells start to grow too quickly, causing skin lesions and red, scaly plaque that shows up most frequently on the elbows, knees, scalp and lower back. 

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Though there’s no cure for psoriasis, there are ways to quell one of its more annoying symptoms, which is itching. Here are some tips to help stem the scratching tide. 

Remove the scale. Less scale often leads to less itchiness. It can also improve the effectiveness of products that are made to relieve that annoying tingle. To do away with scale, use a medication such as salicylic acid. It works to soften the scale so it can be gently brushed away. Don’t pull off the scale, because it will worsen the condition.

Limit bathing time. Spend less than five minutes in the shower and 15 minutes in a bath. Too much of this kind of exposure can remove moisture, which can increase your desire to scratch. And while you’re at it, keep the water temperatures moderate. You may be longing for a “nice hot” shower or bath, but know that the heat will only inflame your skin. 

Be liberal with skin moisturizers. Rub on a moisturizing cream or ointment following each shower, bath and hand-washing session. It helps seal in the moisture your skin craves, reduces the redness and promotes healing. Gently apply those moisturizers while resisting your hankering to scratch.

Try itch-relieving medications, many of which can be bought over the counter. The ones with menthol or camphor are likely to work best. 

Employ a cold compress. Putting something chilly on the itchy sites staunches the activity of the nerves that shoot the itch signals to your brain. 

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