How Often Do You Wash Your Bed Sheets?

August 24, 2021

Not to be nosy, but we want to tell you how your bedding’s cleanliness (or lack of) can affect your skin. Because you spend up to eight hours a day in the sack and your body gives off lots of stuff (drool, sweat, dandruff), you should know the disadvantages of unclean sheets.

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Your body drops 500 million skin cells every day, so many of them are bound to end up in your bed and accumulate in your sheets. Weensy dust mites feast on those cells. If you have itchy eczema, the bugs and their excretions can make it flare up. 

If your feline or canine buddy joins you in bed, his hair and dander are also loved by dust mites. Dogs with the skin condition mange can distribute mites that take up residence under your skin, which will then itch and be irritated. Fido and Fluffy can also pass ringworm (a fungus) to your scalp. 

Has your acne worsened for no apparent reason? Your unclean pillowcase could be the culprit. Your entrenched bacteria, dirt and dead skin can plug up your pores. Swab samples from pillowcases washed just seven days prior can host 17,000 times more clusters of bad microbes than samples from a toilet seat. 

“Sleep tight and don’t let the bedbugs bite” isn’t just a fond sendoff to someone turning in for the night. The little terrors love warm places (such as your bed), scurry out at night, drink your blood, lay their eggs and leave itchy bite marks. 

If all of the above information has put your ick factor into overdrive, then be diligent about swapping out your bedding every week. Set the washing machine to hot water and dry it on high heat for at least 30 minutes.

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