Be Kind to Your Sensitive Skin

February 23, 2022

If you have delicate skin, it often reacts negatively to extreme weather, certain products or your allergies. The results can include rosacea, eczema, contact dermatitis and other disorders. Your skin might become red, dry, itchy and prickly, as well as develop hives, scales or bumps. 

At the office of Dermatology for the Family, our highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals are at the forefront of advanced technologies. We have experience treating all types of skin conditions and know how to make your dermatological treatment as efficient and effective as possible.

Take some of these steps to enjoy the skin you’re in. 

Forgo the fragrance. Lots of beauty products have a beautiful aromas, but your skin can live without them, as the scents can be irritating. Also avoid products with dyes, alcohol and soaps. 

Don’t “pore on” the cosmetics. Water-resistant merchandise has oil and other elements that clog your pores. Choose non-waterproof makeup, which is thinner and easy to remove. See if you can spot “noncomedogenic,” “gentle on skin” or “for sensitive skin” on the labels.

Choose your apparel with care. Wool and other scratchy fabrics can be irritating even for those who don’t have susceptible skin. Stick with smoother togs made of silk, cotton and soft polyester. 

Take short showers. Hot water washes away your skin’s natural oils that protect and moisten it. Bathe in water that’s warm or tepid. Then lock in the moisture with a gentle ointment or cream

Don’t spend a dime on nickel. This metal is a common skin irritant and included in many conventional things, such as jewelry, eyeglasses and clothing fasteners. Hunt for accessories that say “hypoallergenic.” 

Be a soap saver. Use it on areas that can become odiferous: your feet, derriere, armpits and groin. Plain water works fine on your other areas, but if you do like to use bathing products, choose those without elements of dyes, fragrance, deodorant and antibacterials. As a rule, fewer ingredients are better.

If you’re suffering from any type of skin condition, the office of Dermatology for the Family is here to help. Your care and comfort are top priorities with us, and we will take the time to address your every concern and explain your options in care. For more information about our many services, please call us today.