Are You Making These Bathing Boo-Boos?

February 27, 2023

Everyone makes mistakes, but did you know that they can extend into your shower routine? So you should know if everything you’re doing is in the best interest of your body’s largest organ.

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Unless you’re sweaty or grungy, showing a few times per week should be sufficient. Eliminating healthy bacteria and oil too often can make your dermis itchy and dry. Cracked skin is an invitation to bad bacteria, which is highly different from the normal dirt and germs that boost your immune system. 

The Covid pandemic created shortages of antibacterial soaps, but the antibacterials also kill beneficial bacteria. It can be an invitation for antibiotic-resistant bad bacteria to move in. Strong soaps also dry your skin out. Get hooked on gentle soaps and cleansers with added oils. 

Germs love a loofah because gives them so many places to hide. If that fact makes your skin crawl, sanitize it every week by immersing it in diluted bleach for five minutes and rinse it well. After each use, shake it out and dangle it in a dry environment so it dries quickly. Ditched natural loofahs at least once a month and plastic ones every two months.

Yay for soothing hot showers, especially over the winter. But boo for hot showers because they wash away the skin’s natural oils, leaving you itchy and dry. Warm water is best, as is limiting your showers to no more than 10 minutes. 

How often do you think about your shower head? Like the rest of us, probably never. But bacteria love it because they live in their dark, damp holes rent-free. Lots of them get evicted, though, when you turn on the water. If your shower head is metal and removable, boil it in hot water. Clean a plastic head by submerging it in vinegar for a few hours. For a non-removable or plastic head, fill a sturdy, plastic bag (the kind used for food storage) with vinegar, and wrap and seal it around the head for a few hours.

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