We Can Make Your Spider Veins Disappear!

July 25, 2023

It’s not unusual for spider veins to appear in people ages 30 and older. These prominent clusters of damaged small blood vessels just under the skin’s surface are red, blue or purple, and they usually show up on the legs and sometimes the face. Spider veins are typically harmless and have no symptoms. Nonetheless, they can be significant cosmetic nuisances and make people—especially women—feel self-conscious. A dermatologist can delete spider veins and help you feel better about your skin’s appearance. 

When you want outstanding quality care, look no further than the office of Dermatology for the Family. We provide a comprehensive range of advanced services—from the essentials in preventive care to the foremost restorative, cosmetic and emergency treatments. 

A spider vein materializes when a vein’s tiny, one-way valves get weak, causing some of the blood to flow backward and put pressure on the wall of the vein. Spider veins have quite a few origins, such as heredity, aging, pregnancy, sunlight, hormonal changes, and constant sitting or standing for long stretches. 

While self-care—exercising, elevating your legs, wearing compression stockings, and taking sitting or standing breaks every half hour—can help prevent future spider veins, your efforts can’t banish existing ones. 

But a dermatologist can! He (or she) uses laser light to liberate you from them. He will simply direct the light at the vein—all without harming your skin. Small spider veins frequently vanish right after treatment. Larger spider veins might require three or more sessions and need one to three months to disappear. 

The majority of patients can resume their normal activities the following day, though some must wear compression stockings for a few days afterward. But everyone who has had laser treatment to get rid of their spider veins does have one thing in common: They must keep the treated area out of sunlight for three to four weeks. This assists in the prevention of dark spots. 

The office of Dermatology for the Familyoffers only the highest quality care. We use the most sophisticated equipment and knowledge to help our patients have the most attractive skin possible. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment!