Give Extra Care to Your Psoriasis In Wintry Weather

October 30, 2023

From November to February, outside temperatures in most areas of the United States are harsh on skin. Low temps are more severe on skin with psoriasis. We want our patients with this condition to know how to soothe their skin when Jack Frost nips at their noses and the rest of their bodies. 

Experience the difference that the office of Dermatology for the Family makes. Superiority is our signature, and satisfaction is our promise. We bring our patients elevated standards and impeccable professionalism. Take this advice to keep your epidermis comfortable when the mercury plunges.

Dry skin is more susceptible to outbreaks of psoriasis, so keep your skin well-lubricated. Lather up with skin-friendly soap. Harsh cleansers aggravate skin, whereas moisturizing cleansers are gentle. Your dermis will also appreciate fragrance-free products. Seal in moisture with thick ointments rather than thin lotions. Rub them in right after bathing—in water that’s warm, not hot, by the way—to ward off dryness. 

Launder your clothes in detergent for sensitive skin. It won’t spark irritation or allergic reactions. And speaking of your wardrobe, stay warm using multiple layers instead of a heavy coat. You’ll be able to remove or add the layers as your body temperature fluctuates. The layer that touches your skin should be made of soft, breathable cotton, which isn’t stifling or rough. Cover up all exposed skin, from a hat for your scalp to earmuffs, gloves, a scarf and face protection. Meanwhile, your feet will stay dry and toasty in waterproof boots! 

Keep a humidifier handy at home and, if possible, at work to dampen the surrounding air. 

Be mindful of your mental health. The combination of psoriasis, frigid days and long hours of darkness can trigger depression. Stay cognizant of signs of sadness: bad moods, a negative mindset, low energy and a lack of interest in your usual activities. 

And always remember that spring is on its way! 

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